Imaging Experts

Our combined expertise allows us to bring over half a century of imaging experience to every project. The practical knowledge we’ve accumulated enables us to manage the digital reformatting process of collections for virtually any need, including documentation through high-end publications.

Our Work

Whether you are navigating within tight deadlines or unusual limitations, whether you are striving to surmount unique challenges on-site or off-site, Pixel Acuity is prepared to adapt to your situation and find a solution.

History Of Success

While many companies offer digital imaging services, no one fully appreciates the unique concerns of the cultural heritage community quite like library and museum professionals who have experienced the process.

Pixel Acuity, The Service Division of Digital Transitions

Pixel Acuity has long had an exceptional reputation for providing the finest quality, efficiency, and flexibility in the digitization service bureau community. We are now proud to announce a new chapter in our growth – we are now the Service Bureau Division of Digital Transitions.

Our Expertise

DT PixelFlow

Advanced Digitization Workflows for All Applications Our next-gen proprietary workflow software, DT PixelFlow, leverages AI and a multi-variant processing pipeline to deliver best-in-class OCR, metadata, and deliverables. DT PixelFlow streamlines the capture and...

Museums and Institutions

The partners at Pixel Acuity have accumulated over half a century of hands-on experience digitizing cultural heritage in all its forms, including fine arts as well as a vast array of scientific collections. No matter the size or scale, Pixel Acuity has imaged it all,...


Our founders’ experience provides significant assistance to libraries, as witnessed in our transformative work with The New York Public Libraries’ digital imaging program. The library system’s equipment, workflow and material delivery all needed to be extensively...


Pixel Acuity has a firsthand understanding of archived collections in all their rich diversity, singular uniqueness and cultural significance. We have fulfilled the digitizing needs of archivists in numerous fields across the years, preserving photographs, books,...

Natural History Collections

Pixel Acuity is dedicated to assisting in the preservation and documentation of natural history collections. As samples of our world’s biodiversity, these collections are an unparalleled source of research and knowledge for the future and are often inaccessible and...

Corporate Art Collections

A vast amount of our cultural heritage is contained within corporate art collections. Pixel Acuity is dedicated to applying museum-quality methodologies and standards to the imaging of these collections. Whether we are photographing original art or digitally...

Our Work

Natural History

3D Tabletop Imaging

Books, Scrapbooks, &
Library Materials

Flat Art

Negatives, Slides, &
Photographic Material