Museums and Institutions

The partners at Pixel Acuity have accumulated over half a century of hands-on experience digitizing cultural heritage in all its forms, including fine arts as well as a vast array of scientific collections.

No matter the size or scale, Pixel Acuity has imaged it all, including tabletop object photography, room-size paintings, architectural photography, reprographic imaging, micro imaging and film digitization.

Thanks to a unique familiarity with the special concerns related to natural science collections, the partners of Pixel Acuity have the skillset to optimize results. This ensures the protection of original specimens of all varieties, including biological, mineral, physical, botanical, anthropological, archaeological or paleontological materials.

Our experience within the museum community has given us an in-depth understanding of the goals, issues and challenges associated with museum collections. We deliver all the skills, techniques and workflow experience needed to successfully complete cultural collection imaging projects of every possible scope.


Our founders’ experience provides significant assistance to libraries, as witnessed in our transformative work with The New York Public Libraries’ digital imaging program. The library system’s equipment, workflow and material delivery all needed to be extensively reviewed and revamped. After some thoughtful upgrades and an overhaul in workflow, NYPL saw a 500% increase in productivity as a direct result of our founders’ comprehensive expertise.

The partners of Pixel Acuity are proud to have successfully achieved these outcomes in America’s largest municipal public library system. We are prepared to apply the skills we have accrued in institutions of all sizes to devise an appropriate solution for your library’s needs.


Pixel Acuity has a firsthand understanding of archived collections in all their rich diversity, singular uniqueness and cultural significance. We have fulfilled the digitizing needs of archivists in numerous fields across the years, preserving photographs, books, letters, albums, maps and important documents, both on location, within the institution’s space and in our central facility. We are dedicated to working with you to develop a plan specifically adapted to meet your unique needs and requirements, from digital capture to post-production and delivery.

Natural History Collections

Pixel Acuity is dedicated to assisting in the preservation and documentation of natural history collections. As samples of our world’s biodiversity, these collections are an unparalleled source of research and knowledge for the future and are often inaccessible and underutilized. We provide the expertise and technology necessary for the highest quality digitization of these types of collections even on a mass scale. Our experience in this field enable us to implement a variety of tools and workflows specifically adapted the to the needs of each collection. These digitization efforts offer incredible opportunities for using biocollections, making them more accessible to researchers and all downstream users while helping to mitigate any damage or loss of the physical collection.

Our workflows and methods result in:
  • Highest possible resolution and quality control
  • Barcode capture
  • RAW file capture and all file type conversions
  • Depth of Field and sharpness maximization
  • Precise color balance and light level adjustments
  • Image stacking and stitching when necessary
  • Redaction
  • File delivery, transfer and storage
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Corporate Art Collections

A vast amount of our cultural heritage is contained within corporate art collections. Pixel Acuity is dedicated to applying museum-quality methodologies and standards to the imaging of these collections. Whether we are photographing original art or digitally preserving curatorial folders containing archives, prints, slides or transparencies, Pixel Acuity consistently provides superior results that have earned the trust of prestigious institutions worldwide.


Private Collections

The partners of Pixel Acuity have worked with scores of private collectors across the country. Whether you require insurance documentation or high-quality images for an art catalogue, we develop a digitization plan that fulfills your needs and goals after careful assessment of your collection at your home, studio or office.

We understand the issues and concerns of private collectors and we pride ourselves on carefully protecting our clients’ personal property and privacy. With our extensive knowledge of all types of collections, Pixel Acuity ensures superior project results every time.

Negatives Slides

Digital imaging for negatives / slides – digital capture of transparent film formats

Digital Imaging for Negatives, Slides and other Transparent / Transmissive Materials
  • High resolution digital capture of photographic film negatives, slides and other transmissive/transparent media
  • Rapid capture methods employed for larger collections
  • Highest resolution digital backs on the market
  • Rigorous lens testing processes
  • Utilization of stringent quality and process control tools and targets
  • Output of images in multiple formats for various levels of institutional use – archival RAW files, production master TIFFs, email-able JPGs
  • Able to accommodate institutions’ file naming/numbering conventions for output
  • Metadata (XML) template applications – embedding information with your images
With specially engineered equipment, Pixel Acuity is able to rapidly and systematically convert film originals into high resolution digital images. Using a rapid capture system custom engineered by Pixel Acuity, we are able to radically shorten the timeline of these kinds of digitization projects.
Formats including (but not limited to):
  • 35 mm negatives
  • 35 mm slides
  • X-ray film
  • 120mm film
  • 8mm film
  • Glass plate negatives
  • Sheet film, including 4×5 and 8×10


Object Photography – fine art and cultural object photography

Digital Photography of Objects in Collections
  • Ultra High Resolution images capable of oversized reproduction for graphics and marketing applications
  • Amazing detail of objects to aid in academic research and authentication
  • Experience in the delicate and sensitive nature of object collections
  • Output of images in multiple formats for various levels of institutional use – archival RAW files, production master TIFFs, JPGs, PDFs
  • Metadata (XML) template applications – embedding information with your images
  • Highest resolution digital backs on the market
  • Helical focus provides the highest uniformity of detail from center to edge
  • Camera tethering during capture provides instant preview and quality verification
  • Specialized & balanced lighting ensure most accurate color possible
With state-of-the-art, industry-leading tools, Pixel Acuity provides images of a quality and clarity unsurpassed in today’s world of digital photography. Photograph your objects ONCE with Pixel Acuity.
  • Paintings – framed and unframed
  • Prints and Drawings
  • Sculpture, Glass, Ceramic and more
  • Installations and Exhibitions
  • Decorative Arts and Furniture
  • Historical Objects
  • Natural History Specimens




Project Planning

Project Planning – resources for planning a digital conversion or archive project

Many organizations know they have a need for creating, or converting to, a digital archive, but starting the process can be a daunting task.
  • How long will it take?
  • Is there funding available to provide help?
  • What kind of equipment/software do we need to purchase?
  • How do we store the digital images long-term, and still make them available for use?
  • What are the different options for digital conversion?
With decades of combined experience inside library and museum imaging departments, Pixel Acuity has a keen understanding of the challenges facing any digitization project. We blend our unique insiders’ viewpoint with superior technical knowledge, enabling us to offer customer service unparalleled in our field.
We provide assistance from planning to completion of a project, including:
  • Assessment of technological assets and limitations
  • Grant proposal assistance to seek funding
  • On-site and off-site solutions for completion of the work
  • Advice and training obtaining and operating digital asset management systems
  • Communication with IT teams for data storage systems