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AI in Cultural Heritage: An Iron Man Suit

By Doug Peterson and Brady Wilks Proper stewardship of a Cultural Heritage (CH) collection means far more than the possession of iconic physical items. Institutions must describe their collections in ways that make them accessible and useful to visitors, researchers, and humanity as a whole....

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Learn More About Pixel Acuity!

Now, more than ever, digitization of our heritage is critical. Preserving cultural heritage collections, improving accessibility of historic records, and transcribing hidden scientific and forensic materials are just a few examples of projects that institutions have undertaken within the past year...

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PA ArCHER Grant | Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the grant advisory board for the Pixel Acuity Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Heritage Exploratory Research Grant (PA ArCHER Grant). The granting advisory board is comprised of a small group of experts from Pixel Acuity, Digital Transitions, and RIVER ai, and some of...

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PA ArCHER Grant | Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to submit your application? Please submit your materials here. In addition to responding to some of your frequently asked questions below, Pixel Acuity hosted a webinar as a resource for applicants to get a better understanding of the grant. You can watch the event here. During the webinar,...

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The PA ArCHER Grant Deadline is Now Extended!

After considering our current timeline and requests from the community wanting to participate, we have decided to extend the proposal submission due date through the end of September.  We recognize this window is short and want to accommodate everyone so that more time is available....

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Announcing the PA ArCHER Grant

As the digitization industry continues to grow and evolve, there is increasing interest in how the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning might influence our community. The potential for how we can utilize this technology is only limited by our ability to identify possible uses and...

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