History Of Success

While many companies offer digital imaging services, no one fully appreciates the unique concerns of the cultural heritage community quite like library and museum professionals who have experienced every facet of the process. With Pixel Acuity, that is precisely who is at your service.

As a team of digital imaging professionals who have worked within major cultural institutions, our staff has amassed decades of combined experience.

We have worked in every area of imaging, from traditional photographic studio and darkroom operations to the most specialized forms of digital capture. We instinctively understand the importance of developing workflow techniques that maximize results while seamlessly integrating with an institution’s daily operations. We possess detailed knowledge about the pros and cons of all technical aspects. As industry veterans, we are well-versed in the field’s best practices, both within the U.S. and internationally.

Translating the mission of cultural heritage into the digital age isn’t just our vocation — it’s our passion. You simply won’t find any other service provider or vendor that brings more experience to the table or treats the process with greater dedication.

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