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Now, more than ever, digitization of our heritage is critical. Preserving cultural heritage collections, improving accessibility of historic records, and transcribing hidden scientific and forensic materials are just a few examples of projects that institutions have undertaken within the past year alone.

Working with the world’s most demanding institutions has required us to optimize every aspect of our offerings. Each of our workstations complies with national and international image quality standards: FADGI 4-Star, Metamorfoze, and ISO 19264. Our team often creates custom solutions for our clients. In the past we’ve created custom color profiles and conversion methods for challenging historic film stocks and developed purpose-built software. Some of our solutions include AI models for streamlining workflows, optical character recognition, transcribing handwritten text, and automating metadata entry. We understand that every job is unique, and bring those tools and expertise from every project we’ve done to your project too.

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Please include your primary material type or types and the size of your collection in your message (such as flat, bound, transmissive, or three dimensional materials).