Museums and Institutions

The partners at Pixel Acuity have accumulated over half a century of hands-on experience digitizing cultural heritage in all its forms, including fine arts as well as a vast array of scientific collections.

No matter the size or scale, Pixel Acuity has imaged it all, including tabletop object photography, room-size paintings, architectural photography, reprographic imaging, micro imaging and film digitization.

Thanks to a unique familiarity with the special concerns related to natural science collections, the partners of Pixel Acuity have the skillset to optimize results. This ensures the protection of original specimens of all varieties, including biological, mineral, physical, botanical, anthropological, archaeological or paleontological materials.

Our experience within the museum community has given us an in-depth understanding of the goals, issues and challenges associated with museum collections. We deliver all the skills, techniques and workflow experience needed to successfully complete cultural collection imaging projects of every possible scope.