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Negatives Slides

Digital imaging for negatives / slides – digital capture of transparent film formats

Digital Imaging for Negatives, Slides and other Transparent / Transmissive Materials
  • High resolution digital capture of photographic film negatives, slides and other transmissive/transparent media
  • Rapid capture methods employed for larger collections
  • Highest resolution digital backs on the market
  • Rigorous lens testing processes
  • Utilization of stringent quality and process control tools and targets
  • Output of images in multiple formats for various levels of institutional use – archival RAW files, production master TIFFs, email-able JPGs
  • Able to accommodate institutions’ file naming/numbering conventions for output
  • Metadata (XML) template applications – embedding information with your images
With specially engineered equipment, Pixel Acuity is able to rapidly and systematically convert film originals into high resolution digital images. Using a rapid capture system custom engineered by Pixel Acuity, we are able to radically shorten the timeline of these kinds of digitization projects.
Formats including (but not limited to):
  • 35 mm negatives
  • 35 mm slides
  • X-ray film
  • 120mm film
  • 8mm film
  • Glass plate negatives
  • Sheet film, including 4×5 and 8×10

“Pixel Acuity consistently delivers high-quality, professional images with an attention to detail that is second to none. Working with their team, collaboration and project integration couldn’t have been easier.”

~Patricia King, Colby College Museum of Art


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