Optical Character Recognition Now Available with DT PixelFlow

Pixel Acuity is proud to announce DT PixelFlow 2.0 OCR. It’s a game changer for the OCR of challenging historic collections such as faded handwritten correspondence, early printed material with esoteric typefaces, and manuscript material written in cursive. Cultural Heritage institutions have long complained of subpar results from the legacy OCR applications because they were designed primarily for the modern office material context. We’ve built our next-gen OCR workflow that leverages AI and a proprietary multi-variant processing pipeline, yielding best-in-class OCR results at a very competitive price. We’ve even closed the loop on quality control by building our own cloud-based OCR QC platform CloudFlow and can provide remote access to your work-from-home employees to aid in the correction and approval of the resulting text.

Contact us to for more information on how we can implement DT PixelFlow into your upcoming project!