Natural History

Natural History Collections

Pixel Acuity is dedicated to assisting in the preservation and documentation of natural history collections. As samples of our world’s biodiversity, these collections are an unparalleled source of research and knowledge for the future and are often inaccessible and underutilized.
We provide the expertise and technology necessary for the highest quality digitization of these types of collections even on a mass scale. Our experience in this field enable us to implement a variety of tools and workflows specifically adapted the to the needs of each collection. These digitization efforts offer incredible opportunities for using biocollections, making them more accessible to researchers and all downstream users while helping to mitigate any damage or loss of the physical collection.

Our workflows and methods result in:

  • Highest possible resolution and quality control
  • Barcode capture
  • RAW file capture and all file type conversions
  • Depth of Field and sharpness maximization
  • Precise color balance and light level adjustments
  • Image stacking and stitching when necessary
  • Redaction
  • File delivery, transfer and storage
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).