DT PixelFlow

Advanced Digitization Workflows for All Applications

Our next-gen proprietary workflow software, DT PixelFlow, leverages AI and a multi-variant processing pipeline to deliver best-in-class OCR, metadata, and deliverables. DT PixelFlow streamlines the capture and enhancement of digital assets. For capture, its modular design and raw-file underpinnings enable highly-customizable project-based technical requirements such as file naming, folder structures, and file formats. For enhancement, it offers a wide range of traditional and artificial-intelligence metadata and analysis; for example, the OCR engine in DT PixelFlow is focused on the unique challenges of historic collections (handwritten, cursive, faded, poor condition, etc) and its facial recognition engine can identify notable individuals in photographic collections. DT PixelFlow enables us to deliver preservation-grade assets consistently and efficiently while seamlessly adapting to your unique processing pipeline.

We’ve closed the loop on quality control by building our own cloud-based online portal for digitization project management, QC, and delivery, DT CloudFlow. It allows secure remote or on-site supervision of ongoing digitization projects, and for the quality control review and correction thereof. DT CloudFlow can provide remote access to your employees, which aids in the correction and approval of the resulting text. This ensures every image meets your exact specifications.

Below are a few applications we use on a day-to-day basis, but we’re glad to cater to your specific needs.

Optical Character Recognition

One of DT PixelFlow’s most impactful innovations in cultural and corporate heritage imaging technology has been the ability to use the next-generation Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in our DT PixelFlow software to turn typed and handwritten documents into searchable text. Pixel Acuity is now not only able to generate the highest quality digital images for heritage collections but also to create searchable texts for the researchers and scholars who access these collections, revolutionizing the way that they conduct research.

Read More about our OCR Capabilities and our project with The Phillips Collection Archives here.

Metadata Processing

For cultural and corporate heritage professionals, metadata provides descriptive information about an object or resource, but it is also time-consuming to accumulate. Creating and maintaining metadata for a collection is an integral part of cataloging for a digital collection. Metadata provides context for an item within a collection. It can either be embedded in the digital file at or after the time of creation, or maintained in a centralized location such as a database, DAM, CMS, or spreadsheet. Using RAW rapid capture imaging with metadata embedding capabilities and DT PixelFlow, we are able to automate much of the metadata creation process and create workable metadata formats for institutions. This helps us increases our accuracy and flexibility in, providing metadata services.

Read More about our processing metadata with DT PixelFlow here.

Pixel Flow Meta Data Mapping Screen Grab
Mapping information from the IPTC metadata fields to the file derivative

Deliverables and Packaging

By capturing images using RAW rapid capture and utilizing our DT PixelFlow software to automate derivative generation, output directory structures, and deliverable packaging, we are able to make digital image processing and packaging more efficient and effective than ever before, allowing us to focus on delivering the highest quality product to our clients.

Read more about the deliverables we can offer with DT PixelFlow. 

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